Taste The Waste is a Foodsharing Copenhagen project. The idea of the project is to create a space where we experiment with the surplus of foodsharing and educate people about how they can use the food in new and exciting ways. Educating people, bringing them together and helping people to re-imaging and understand food. Though Taste The Waste has traditioanlly focused on community dinners the sky’s the limit and other ideas and workshops are on the idea board, transforming, preserving and experimenting with food to discover new ways to re-imaging food surplus and fight food waste.

The project was founded by David Hirst and Irene Di Lauro in late 2019 and has evolved a great deal since then. However the project is open to anyone who wants to help and any concepts that fit into the ideas and mission of Taste The Waste.

Our story:

The idea of Taste The Waste was first conceived back in 2018 while David was giving out large amounts of Jerusalem artichokes and trying to give people recipe ideas and uses to persuade them to take some. With the idea in mind he explored options to setup a new community dinner along these lines, however the project didn’t become a reality until late 2019 when he met Irene – who could help him cooking and transforming the food.

Taste The Waste started our collaborating directly with One Bowl using their space to run the events. During the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in Denmark (March – May 2020) Taste The Waste pioneered take away dinners from One Bowl managing to follow all the government regulations while feeding over 300 people in a single event.

Going forward Taste The Waste is looking for new directions, locations, members and projects to continue to grow the ideas of the project and expand elsewhere.

To find out more follow our Facebook page and Foodsharing Copenhagens page.