Our core activities are Foodsharing Events on Wednesdays and Saturdays. We collect tons of food and share with hundreds of people. In doing so, we mobilize people for action, reduce food surplus and raise awareness about food wastage. Also, from time to time, activists come up with their own ideas and instigate other impactful and interesting projects.

Foodsharing Events


On Wednesdays and Saturdays we collect surplus food from businesses, deliver it to the Venues and share with hundreds of people. It takes around 35 devoted volunteers to make one event happen. These Foodsharing events are our way to reduce food waste, raise awareness about this serious issue and inspire citizens, businesses and organizations to take action.



Takes the concept of Foodsharing to the next level. Chefs and volunteers create an exquisite dining experience, affordable for everyone! We use the food that we save at Foodsharing Copenhagen and prepare nutritious and healthy meals.

We want to create a place where you can meet with friends, make new friends and find warmth and comfort whilst enjoying a truly delicious meal!

A place where love for delicious food meets love for our planet!



We see the importance of connecting individuals and communities to strengthen our collective action on food waste. Hence, we want to make space for people to get together and explore how we can make a better and more sustainable food society. Hyggested is full of workshops, foodsharing, cooking, music and talks ♥

Disco Soup


Foodsharing Copenhagen with DJs and chefs are orchestrating a dance party of people chopping up vegetables for a big feast. The event is part of a global movement called “disco soup”, which aims to inspire action against food waste. Each disco soup event sees kilos of unused vegetables taken from markets, bakeries and turned into a huge dinner free of charge for all of the disco soup attendees.



FoodLoop is the latest project that has sprung out from our collaboration with Bioteket and Københavns Kommune. It is a campaign about food waste prevention, source separation and organic waste recycling. We have built CompostLab  – a local organic waste recycling unit, where we compost all organics that we cannot share at our Foodsharing events. 

Have an idea for an activity?

We’re always looking for new cool and innovative ideas to expand our community and reduce food waste