Our core activities are Foodsharing Events Monday, Wednesdays and Saturdays. We collect tons of food and share with hundreds of people. In doing so, we mobilize people for action, reduce food surplus and raise awareness about food wastage. Also, from time to time, activists come up with their own ideas and instigate other impactful and interesting projects.

Foodsharing Events


On Monday, Wednesdays and Saturdays we collect surplus food from businesses, deliver it to the venues and share with hundreds of people. It takes around 50 devoted volunteers to make one event happen. These Foodsharing events are our way to reduce food waste, raise awareness about this serious issue and inspire citizens, businesses and organizations to take action.

Our weekly events take place in Karen Minde Kulturehus in Sydhavn on Wednesdays and Osramhuset in Nørrebro on Saturdays. Check our Facebook page for more details. 

Special events


A few times a year we run special events around the city. We usually run these special pop up events for holidays and other special occasions where the volumes of food waste are often higher. We run them for Christmas, Easter and for special events around the city. In 2019 for example we ran our Easter event in Valby in collaboration with Rema1000 Søndre fasanvej and our regular donors. Back in 2017 we had our Christmas event in collaboration with Irma. Each of these special events are organized differently depending on the circumstances which presents challenges but also many great opportunities and raises awareness and educates people all over the city.

Volunteer dinners


Once a month Foodsharing Copenhagen runs our internal volunteer dinners, aimed at bringing our community together to prepare and eat together, share ideas, experiences and build a stronger community and just have a nice time.

Disco Soup


Foodsharing Copenhagen with DJs and chefs are orchestrating a dance party of people chopping up vegetables for a big feast. The event is part of a global movement called “disco soup”, which aims to inspire action against food waste. Each disco soup event sees kilos of unused vegetables taken from markets, bakeries and turned into a huge dinner free of charge for all of the disco soup attendees.



Over the years we have had many different projects going on within Foodsharing Copenhagen and in partnership with our organization. Projects from Foodloop back in 2016/2017, our own Følkekøkken, Hygersted and many more. We’re always open to new ideas and projects and we encourage any members of our community with an idea or the motivation to come and create their own projects, to help spread awareness of the issues, engage people and find creative ways to combat food waste in our society.

Have an idea for an activity?

We’re always looking for new cool and innovative ideas to expand our community and reduce food waste