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Foodsharing CPH spends around 700kr per event. Along with attending and helping us fight food waste you can support us financially via Mobile Pay on: #14236

Foodsharing Copenhagen is run by passionate and dedicated people that believe food always has to be used for people nourishment. Our actions and impact is achieved in partnership and collaboration with activists, organizations and companies with the same attitude.



Are the backbone of all the activities in the organization. From planning and organizing the Foodsharing Events, raising awareness of food waste, building and engaging community, to approaching and consulting food businesses. If you think Sharing is Caring join us!

Food Donors


We are very proud of our food donors. We see them as front-runner businesses which understand the importance of sharing food surplus. Their action supports the community, decreases negative environmental impacts associated with food wastage and saves them money. Learn how to become one now!



Food is the essence of every community. It brings people together and acts as catalyst to form new relationships and address challenges of the modern world. Therefore, we are always on a look out to support other organizations and people who share their knowledge and time with the aim to build a more sharing and caring community.



Sharing tons of food and having ~400 attendees weekly it is quite an undertaking. We are very fortunate to repeatedly have found Venues that support Us and want to be part of raising awarness about food wastage in Copenhagen.



Everyone connected to Foodsharing Copenhagen is part of a larger community and we make sure that we all get a chance to meet up for cooking and eating together, music, talks and various workshops. A community where we meet as equals to learn from each other and share ideas.



Have you any other ideas how together we can advance the Foodsharing concept? We are always glad to hear from other activists with bold ideas!

The World Clock is Ticking.... wasted, resources lost, whilst consumption increases

The time for action is NOW!