Foodsharing Volunteer Code of Conduct

General Guidelines for Volunteering at Events

  1. You are representing Foodsharing Copenhagen while you volunteer so behave appropriately and always be polite. Please review our Foodsharing Copenhagen Code of Ethics for more information on what we consider appropriate behavior
    1. Inappropriate behavior will lead to a review of your conduct by the shift leaders or board and can ultimately lead to you no longer being allowed to volunteer
  2. Only sign-up for shifts on the sign-up sheet on VolunteerLocal when you are 100% sure you will be able to make that shift
    1. If you cannot make it to your shift notify your shift leader as soon as possible via text or the facebook group
    2. If it is less than 48 hours before the event, it is your responsibility to find a substituting volunteer for you by reaching out to other volunteers via the facebook group (make sure the substitute is a registered volunteer or registers as a volunteer prior to signing up)
  3. Show up for your shift well on time
  4. Do not leave until your shift leader tells you that the shift has ended
    1. If you do need to leave early, tell your shift leader as soon as possible. It is up to her/him to decide if it makes sense for you to take the shift
  5. Don’t bring your children, friends that aren’t volunteering or pets with you when coming to volunteer at a shift.
  6. Take only the food you need following the same rules as attendees: If there is more of something take more if there is less of something take less.
  7. While volunteering at an event, wear a volunteer tag or t-shirt (provided by the shift leader). This makes it easier both for the people that attend the event, in order to know who to talk to if they have any questions, as well as for the other volunteers to be able to recognize and interact with each other.
  8. No-shows without notice will be recorded by your shift leader. If this happens more often, you will be subject to an evaluation talk with one of the shift leaders if you wish to continue volunteering.
  9. Be proactive, look for tasks and ask your shift leader how you can best help, rather than waiting for instructions. There’s always something to be done, so please don’t stand around aimlessly.


Health and Safety Guidelines

These guidelines must be complied with by Danish law and are in place to protect both you and the food you will be handling.

  1. Meat, fish, dairy and other spoilable goods as well as alcohol cannot be distributed to the public, but are volunteer only items (at your own risk)
  2. Food boxes should never be put directly on the floor
  3. Any food that falls on the floor must be disposed of or taken by volunteers at their own risk
  4. When volunteering wear appropriate clothing (such as closed shoes etc.) and tie up your hair
  5. Wash your hands and wear fresh gloves before sorting any food as well as after handling any spoiled food or trash
  6. Bread shouldn’t be touched with bare hands but always handled with fresh gloves