Our Story

Foodsharing is a part of who we are as people as well as the organization as a whole. So far our journey has been very fluid and organic. Many passionate people have joined the movement and given their hearts towards building a more sharing and caring community. Without them we would not be here, likewise current activists are building the future of Foodsharing Copenhagen.

We believe in

A world where food is valued and is used to nourish people and bring them together. A world where foodsharing is part of our natural behaviour. Locally and globally.

We are working to

provide everyone (individuals, communities and businesses) with knowledge, tools and power to act, care and share/donate food, without any compromise.

Our Story


The Foodsharing Copenhagen movement was born when Yunity and Foodsharing.de projects from Germany met activists of Denmark in Copenhagen. Without much of a debate the idea of collecting food surplus and sharing with citizens unconditionally resonated with the activists and was adopted. Responsibilities between the activists divided and Foodsharing Copenhagen movement kick-started. Subsequently, with immense support from the residents, the first food sharing (sharepoint) location was established at Floating City, followed by Bioteket. Thus, began a great journey of a community that cares for sharing. A community that reaches out to citizens and businesses, raises awareness on food waste and leads by example on food waste prevention.

The present

  • 600 registered volunteers
  • One of the largest volunteer organisation in Denmark fighting against food waste
  • Partnered with the largest fruit and vegetable (incl. bread and dry goods) wholesalers in the region
  • Saved over 13000 tonnes in 2019 alone.
  • Nourished >16,000 people
  • Weekly food distribution events, workshops and food waste campaigns

Our Workgroups


The board is elected for a 6 month period and consists of 9 members which simultaneously act as heads of the respective working groups. The board meets every first Thursday of the month to discuss current as well as future events and activities of Foodsharing Copenhagen. These events are open to the public and every volunteer has a right to participate as well as a vote.

Administration and Finance

The finance team handles both the organisations finances as well as general administrative tasks. They oversee the bank account, handle fundraising and any other money related tasks.

PR & external representation

The chairman of the board handles PR and external representation together with a small team of volunteers helping him to get the word out about Foodsharing Copenhagen and establish new connections and collaborations.

Collection Team

Collection team is where it all begins, they are the ones that venture out (often in the early hours) and pick up the food. By joining collection team you get to see where the food comes from first hand and shape the events by picking which food we take. The regular collection is made up of two 3-person team, consisting of a driver, volunteer and leader.

Volunteer Management

Volunteer Management amongst other things is in charge of building a community amongst Foodsharing Copenhagen volunteers by organizing various events for volunteers. This is handled by the volunteer activity team. Moreover, volunteer management is in charge of handling general volunteer sign ups and information.

Marketing & Social Media

The marketing and social media team handles Foodsharing Copenhagen’s brand as well as online presence. They produce any required visual and informational materials and the website. In addition, they oversee the various social media channels the organisation is represented on.

Event management

Event management is split into two parts: Wednesdays and Saturdays which are each overseen by a designated board member. It is not a working group per say since most of the event management tasks are handled by shift leaders as well as event volunteers.

If you wish to join one of our working groups, you must first sign up as a volunteer, you can learn more here.