The collection team

No collection = no event!

The collection team is a dedicated team of volunteers responsible for collecting the food for Foodsharing Copenhagen’s events. The teams operate in groups of 3 and travel by van to our donors to collect the food.

The teams start at 7:00am on Wednesday and Saturday and usually finish 4 or 5 hours later.  Due to the small group working closely together there’s a great social environment and you get the opportunity to help pick the food and shape the event.  Being part of collection, you will learn a lot about how food distribution systems works, the logistics of it and where Foodsharing CPH’s food originates. In collection team you’ll have a first hand impact on preventing food waste!

We welcome all new members of the collection team to keep Foodsharing CPH going strong, we’d love if we could count on you for 1 – 2 shifts a month to make your training worthwhile. We’d also ideally prefer if you were staying in CPH for 6 months or more, but everyone’s welcome 🙂

The shifts

The collection shifts are now going to be split into two shifts, each involves a leader, driver and volunteer they just do different things.



The market collection
7 – 11:30

This team goes to the market and handles picking up all the food from our donors in the main fruit and veg market in Taastrup.

Supermarket collection
7 – 12

This team visits all of our supermarket donors around Copenhagen and collects the donations from them.

How can you help?

Driver or Leader?

In each collection team we need both a leader, driver and volunteer. Both leaders and drivers are especially required on both days!

The leader:

As the collection team leader you are responsible for leading the collection on your shift. You have to coordinate the driver and volunteer to ensure that everything runs smoothly.  You’ll be trained about the layout of the market, how to approach our donors and how things work at each location.  You also need to update the first shift leader on your progress so they know when to expect you if you’re delayed for example

We do provide training for all this of course.

The collection coordinator (Board member for collection) will ensure you have a driver and van and help you organise everything the day before your shift.

The driver:

As the driver your jobs to drive and load the van. You will be registered with our partners LetsGo and be responsible for picking up the van and returning it.  At the market you are responsible for helping to load the van, although the volunteer and leader will also help with this, especially if you need an extra hand or some guidance.

All drivers are covered by LetsGo’s insurance.  You are required to have a valid drivers licence to drive in Denmark.

Collection team also requires a volunteer, though these shifts are usually available on volunteer local or reserved for training new collection leaders.

The volunteer:

This roles used for training and as an extra hand in helping the team. The volunteer shifts often avilable via Volunteer local like other shifts, however some weeks its reserved for training. If you’re interested in training to be a leader, speak to your collection leader or any other senior member of the organisation :).

Is this something for you?

Would you like to join the collection team?  Help keep Foodsharing Copenhagen running and help us save good food from going to waste?  

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No collection = No event!

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