Date(s) - 23/12/2020
13:00 - 15:30


Hello friends,

Welcome to our Christmas event for 2020. This is the first of two events we are running to enable us to help the maximum number of people this Christmas while working with a small space and lots of food. We encourage you to only book for one day to allow the maximum number of people to pickup food. 

LOCATION: Borups Alle 203 (One Bowl)

DATE: Wednesday 23rd of December 2020

Because of the current circumstances the event will look a bit different. In order to avoid large gatherings you will have to book a time slot to pick up your food. Once you arrive you will be given a pre made box with variety of fruits and veggies.
There will be no possibility to get food without the booking as the number of boxes prepared by our lovely volunteers is limited to the number of signed people.

There is also no need to come earlier – everyone will get the same amount of fruits and veggies.

Please note that this is an experimental event for us all, for better organization please  remember to:

  • Show up at the chosen time
  • You can only book for yourself and please come alone at the event 🙂
  • Keep safe distance from others (2 meters)
  • Remember to wear a mask when colleting the food
  • One box per person

Foodsharing Copenhagen is one of Denmark’s largest anti-food waste organizations. At Foodsharing Copenhagen, we raise awareness of the food waste and distribute food that would otherwise be thrown away but is still perfectly good. In those special times we especially appreciate donations <3, a small donation helps us to rent our van and to be stronger and more organized when we will be back.

We accept Cash and Mobile Pay donations to cover our costs: #14236


Bookings are closed for this event.