Bread Collection

This page is designed to offer an insight into how to help with the bread collection on behalf of Foodsharing Copenhagen in 2022. It answers a lot of the basic questions and gives you some insight into how it all works. Note that the information here may be out of date. For the latest always consult our Karrot group.

We use as our main communication and schedule platform. It has a relatively simple interface which allows us to manage volunteers and for everyone to coordinate between themselves. When you signup as a volunteer or Karrot you will get a basic explanation as to how it works.

There are no requirements, but we encourage all volunteers to do at least one pickup pr. month. For your first few pickups, you have to join up with an experienced volunteer, until you feel confident to do it yourself. You’ll find a list of such volunteers at the end of this message.

What is bread collection:

Bread collection team is responsible for picking up bread from various bakeries around the city and delivering it to where its needed. Since FSCPH can not run any events the bread is currently delivered to other organizations. This is part of an effort to help these organizations and continue the food saving spirit of the Foodsharing Copenhagen.

The pickup process:

  • Bring a suitable clean container, preferably a >75L backpack if you’re by bike and a clean trunk if you’re going by car. If you have access to a cargo-bike, we highly recommend bringing this instead of a regular bike.
  • To reduce risk of infection, it’s important that you bring and wear a face mask and disinfect your hands before handling the bread (they have disinfectant). Sometimes the bakery staff will kindly ask you to help with bringing in chairs from outside, and empty the trash bins. If that’s the case please do so. When the bakery closes, the staff will provide you with suitable bags and gloves. It’s important to seal the bags with a knot when it’s 2/3 full.
  • Always separate bread, pastry, cake and sandwiches in their own respective bags. Delicate cakes can be difficult to transport, and might have to be discarded.
  • Before packing the bread & pastry bag(s), you may pack a small bag of bread/pastry for yourself, as a token of gratitude for your service. We recommend that you always bring a few 11L freezer bags from home to do so.

General tips:

  • If you cannot carry all the bread, whole-grain should be prioritized over white flour bread. If you’re going alone by bike, you’ll most likely not be able to transport it all, as the average amount is 3-5 80L bags.
  • Sometimes the bakery staff are in a rush to finish their shift, and have had a long day (maybe understaffed). Generally be swift, effective and adaptable when you package the bread. Feel free to offer help with sweeping the floor or throw out trash. Its not mandatory, but they´ll often appreciate it, and its important to keep good relations with them.
  • For bicycle users: Put the empty bread bag inside your backpack before filling it up, it’ll be difficult to put it in full (Trust us it makes your life much easier) 

For beginners it’s recommended to follow a volunteer who uses the same transportation as you plan to use yourself (bike vs. car).
People going by car can usually do the pickups by themselves.

The locations

We pickup from multiple locations, the primary been in Frederiksberg and Amager. Delivery is mostly to Inner and Outer Nørrebro (2 different locations) though all this changes and you will find the latest on karrot. Usually the drop off takes place straight after the pickup and on average takes around an hour (depending on how fast you are and your mode of transport.


Questions? Contact us?

Please either write to Foodsharing Copenhagen on Facebook or signup on Karrot and ask your questions as part of your signup message :). We’re all volunteers and we cant be answering peoples questions in every different channel. 

Join us

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