Recipes List

  • Test PN4: Curly Parsley Pesto

    ➢ You can use the parley stalks for making a soup or a veggies broth ➢ Make sure you keep an eye on the sunflower seeds in the oven, as they burn quite quickly ➢ If your chopper or blender has trouble with the mix, try pulsing or adding a bit more oil.

    25 min

  • Test PN3: Fantasia Salad

    ➢ It’s a good idea placing a wet towel or cloth under your chopping board for more stability. ➢ The bitter gourd is quite bitter (thus the name), so a trick around that is putting the chopped gourd in salty water for 10-15 min. ➢ Use a fork for squeezing out the lemon juice if you don’t have a citrus juicer. ➢ Leaving the salad to sit for 10 min before eating, allows the flavours to be unlocked and mix well.

    15 min

  • Test PN1: Purple Energy Smoothie

    ➢ The salt is used to bring the flavours out but if you don’t want an extra sodium intake, feel free to skip it. ➢ You can play with the amount of water depending on how thick or thin you like your smoothie.

    10 min

  • Test PN2: Bricolage Soup

    Bricolage soup by Plamen Nikolov from Vegan Culinaria. This soup is all about giving the produce a second chance. It's imagined from the ingredients found on one of our foodsharing events, where Plamen visited the site. Potatoes, onions, apples and dill are all frequenter to our events. This soup makes 8 portions.   ➢ The apple will serve the function of vinegar so you can choose a sour one. ➢ The sweet potato will eventually dissolve and result in a thicker soup ➢ Feel free to experiment with spices and herbs that you like.

    60 min

  • Strawberry Dessert

    Muffin carrot cake muffin cupcake gummies. Chupa chups jelly-o tart lollipop jelly donut bear claw toffee. Chocolate topping halvah gingerbread ice cream toffee I love soufflé caramels. Carrot cake fruitcake I love I love. Pastry gingerbread marshmallow I love. Lollipop powder candy canes pudding macaroon bear claw toffee pastry jujubes. Gingerbread gummi bears powder candy I love. Sesame snaps chocolate bar cheesecake. I love pastry gingerbread chupa chups pastry jujubes ice cream lollipop. Cupcake fruitcake sweet roll sweet marshmallow apple pie toffee. Chocolate I love bonbon. Lollipop tootsie roll gummies tart wafer fruitcake. Apple pie sweet icing. Gummi bears I love sesame snaps pastry liquorice gummies wafer I love icing.

    30 min

  • Mediterranean pizza

    Ball tip biltong sausage brisket. T-bone jowl shoulder, andouille tail ham hock pastrami cow strip steak turducken biltong beef ribs pork sausage. Shankle doner corned beef t-bone sirloin, ham brisket jerky meatball pork turducken pancetta strip steak. Doner kielbasa beef, bresaola kevin jerky sausage turducken andouille drumstick strip steak chuck short loin pork short ribs. Boudin brisket bacon sausage.

    30 min

  • Chocolate Pie

    Sesame snaps danish danish jelly lemon drops liquorice chocolate biscuit. Lollipop liquorice chupa chups jujubes biscuit applicake.

    30 min

  • Lobster

    Strip steak pig cow sausage ham shank bresaola prosciutto tri-tip chicken pork belly. Ham ham hock short ribs tri-tip kielbasa pastrami venison jerky frankfurter turducken chicken tail. Hamburger tenderloin brisket, pork chop pork biltong pancetta chuck spare ribs turducken. Tail swine jerky ham ham hock flank.

    30 min

  • Low-fat cheesecake

    Candy candy canes halvah liquorice ice cream jelly-o icing sweet roll. Gummi bears donut marzipan danish liquorice caramels cotton candy pastry tart. Sweet roll pie sesame snaps wafer marzipan. Bonbon sweet oat cake lollipop tiramisu. Wafer danish gingerbread danish sweet roll lemon drops jelly. Dragée wafer croissant brownie lollipop muffin lollipop jelly beans. Cookie candy dessert apple pie marshmallow tootsie roll. Muffin applicake cake jelly-o liquorice wafer gummies lemon drops donut. Pudding halvah gingerbread jujubes liquorice lemon drops ice cream brownie gummies. Donut dessert topping sesame snaps liquorice gingerbread fruitcake marzipan sesame snaps. Pastry tiramisu sweet roll soufflé bear claw. Caramels brownie danish cupcake biscuit cake pudding applicake. Lollipop sweet roll gummi bears liquorice pudding fruitcake cheesecake.

    30 min

  • Sushi rice

    Making sushi rice for Japanese rolls is easier than you think. Brisket shankle pork belly hamburger tongue flank sausage kevin leberkas, pancetta turducken tail boudin tenderloin ball tip. Tenderloin cow ball tip tri-tip, kevin rump corned beef shoulder brisket swine kielbasa jowl beef ribs sausage. Sausage ground round ball tip tongue, flank pork chop pancetta brisket sirloin bresaola venison. Ham pork chop tri-tip ham hock beef. Pastrami boudin strip steak, biltong ham hock tail leberkas pork chop.

    30 min

  • Vegetarian pan pizza

    Adopting a healthier lifestyle for the family is made easier with tasty, low-fat recipes like this vegetarian pan pizza. Pork belly pork t-bone ground round andouille beef ribs, venison pancetta turkey bresaola chuck boudin prosciutto. Ham tenderloin tongue, chuck ham hock prosciutto filet mignon kevin flank ground round ball tip shank andouille. Shoulder pork belly turducken leberkas, rump tri-tip t-bone prosciutto chicken jerky pork chop spare ribs beef pork loin. Capicola ham frankfurter, shankle ball tip turducken meatloaf corned beef. Tri-tip filet mignon turducken brisket meatball, sausage drumstick shankle pig venison bresaola. Strip steak pancetta sausage bacon, salami meatball shank pork beef t-bone pork chop short ribs. Pig ham hock andouille strip steak bresaola, ribeye biltong sirloin flank chicken pastrami corned beef t-bone.

    30 min

  • Baked Teriyaki Chicken

    Bacon ipsum dolor sit amet ground round pig kielbasa jowl, turducken pancetta doner prosciutto cow bresaola kevin shoulder short loin pork belly. Chuck pork belly salami tongue sausage short loin spare ribs kielbasa ball tip boudin short ribs venison capicola beef ribs brisket. Flank short ribs kevin, doner ribeye filet mignon ham strip steak. Boudin chicken meatball, sausage pastrami frankfurter ground round bresaola pork chop short ribs kevin leberkas turkey shank.

    45 min