Collection team

What is collection team

The collection team is responsible for gathering the food for our events. Each team consists of 3 dedicated volunteers who get up early on event days and travel by van to various locations around the city of Copenhagen collecting all the food which you see at our events.

The teams start at 7:00 both Wednesday and Saturday and usually finish around 13:00 at the latest.  It’s a long shift but you will hopefully have a great time along the way.   You will learn a lot about how food distribution systems work and the problems with them too, such as how much food gets wasted.   Being on the collection team means you get to help stop good food going to waste.  Also you can help shape the event by choosing which foods to collect because sadly there is often more available than will fit in the van! .  Best of all you get first pick of the food collected before it is offered to the public.

Without the collection team there would be no foodsharing event and all the food that could be saved would end up in the waste.

If you would like to volunteer to  become a member of the Foodsharings collection team then we would  ideally like you to take 1 to 2 shifts a month, (although you are welcome to take as many as you want.).   We do require a minimum commitment though, as otherwise registering and training you makes no sense. You should also be planning to stay in Copenhagen for at least 6 months ( Yes of course you can take holidays etc. 🙂 ) 

Obviously you are welcome to come along and try it before committing. 

How can you help

Driver or Leader?

In each collection team we need both leaders and drivers.

We are especially short of Leaders and drivers for Wednesdays!

The leader: The collection team leader is responsible for leading the collection on their chosen day. They have to coordinate their teams driver and volunteer to ensure that everything runs smoothly.  They need a knowledge of the markets, supermarkets and any other locations the team will visit.  They also need to keep in touch with the first shift leader about any changes to the schedule or problems along the way.

We do provide training for all this of course.

The collection coordinator (Board member for collection) will ensure you have a driver and van and help you organise everything the day before your shift.

The driver: Their job is just to drive the van! They will be registered with our partners LetsGo and be responsible for picking up the van and returning it.  At the market they may also help load the van, but this is up to the team to work out who does what on the day. If you would like to drive but cannot lift and carry, then that is not a problem.

All drivers are covered by LetsGo’s insurance.  You are required to have a valid drivers licence to drive in Denmark.

Collection team also needs a volunteer, these shifts are usually available on volunteer local unless they’re pre-booked for training new collection leaders.

Is this something for you?

Would you like to join the collection team?  Help keep Foodsharing Copenhagen running and help us save good food from going to waste?  Then contact us below!

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No collection = No event!

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