We are very happy when someone writes about us, asks questions and wants to know more about how we work, how we make a difference in Copenhagen and beyond. So far, we have answered hundreds of inquiries and questions. Here are And now offering you an extensive FAQ where you can find almost everything about us.

Foodsharing Events

I want to come to the event. How does this work?

You will find all the information about our events on our facebook page with details about the time and place. You need to come around the time the event starts (we recommend you get there at least 15-20 minutes before it starts). You may need wait for a little while in the queue but you can then take the food you like.

Is all the food free?

Yes, you do not have to pay for anything. Although donations to help cover our costs are more than welcome and very much appreciated. These donations help with transportation from our suppliers to the events’ location, venue expenses, printing and also to buy minor items such as trash bags.

What is the length of the event?

An event finishes when all the food is gone so we cannot say for sure the exact time but it usually lasts for 1 – 2 hours.

Where all the food comes from?

We collect the food from wholesalers, supermarkets and bakeries. We approach businesses in Copenhagen to help them out with the redistribution of food that has been labeled as food surplus even though it is still perfectly good to eat. We prevent that food from reaching dumpsters.

How fresh is the food?

Usually we have vegetables, fruits and bread. It is really hard to define the freshness of these but they are good quality and eatable. You could look at Facebook group photos from previous events to have a better understanding what it all looks like.

How much of the food is økologisk/organic?

It varies at each event but usually from 20% to 80%.

I have some food at home which I do not eat. Could I bring it to the event?

We strongly recommend that first you share your food with your relatives, friends or neighbours. Another option is to announce that information in our Facebook group and people will come to take the food from you. If none of these things works, then you can bring it to our event. Yet, we accept only vegetables, fruits, bread and uncooked foods.

Is this event accessible for people in wheelchairs?

We have two locations: Karens Minde Kulturhus and Osramhuset/Bioteket (Valhalsgade 4, Vinterhaven, 2200 København). Both buildings have elevators. If you have any problems when you come, please ask our volunteers for assistance